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Knows About Carpet Cleaning And Allergies

Carpet is the top preferred flooring option for people across the USA. In addition to the ease of installation along with the ease of cleaning, comfort warmth, and exceptional audio-enhancing properties carpets can also improve the aesthetics of our homes and are a perfect match with all kinds of décor.

In spite of the advantages that carpets bring some people are beginning to doubt the effect of cleaning carpets on the environment as well as people who are sensitive to chemicals. 

Different studies have revealed that carpets may contain a myriad of kinds of air pollution chemicals, pollens, bacteria, and fungus remnants for months, prior to being released into the atmosphere. 

Carpets need to be washed at least every 12 to 18 months.

Cleaning your carpets more frequently will significantly reduce the number of allergens released within the home and extend the lifespan of carpets.

Bacteria, Fungi, Allergen, and Pollens…

The research conducted by EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has also revealed that carpets may be the primary source of airborne pollutants based on the assumption that harmful substances are typically found in dust on carpets. 

Carpets can be an ideal trap for this pollutant, they do not release into the air during normal daily activities. 

But, pets and children are the most affected by these substances because they are more likely to engage during the prolonged time on carpets.

This can cause the carpets to become sloppy, and it disturbs the dust particles stuck to the carpets and causes them to release into the atmosphere. 

The harmful chemicals are easily cleaned by implementing regular maintenance of the carpet by professional carpet cleaners.

Does Carpet Bacteria Harmful?

It may seem like a bit of a stretch, but carpets typically contain bacteria, and it is gram-negative. Gram-Negative bacteria are part that is found in humans (dead skin) that isn’t harmful to the human body or the environment. 

Microbiology says that nearly all dangerous bacteria need a humid environment or continuous supply of water to multiply. The same condition may not be found in carpets. 

If you don’t do not pay attention to the constant water or liquid spills on your carpet there is no need to be concerned about the presence of carpet bacteria. 

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of cleaning your carpets, however, as there are many other allergens in the air, and they get into carpets. 

These elements, if not promptly taken care of can result in serious health risks such as asthma, cancer, bronchitis as well as other diseases in humans.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Carpets to ensure wellness

Like all flooring surfaces maintaining it properly is crucial in ensuring health and safety, which is the most important component of wellness. 

While many allergy researchers recommend removing carpets to prevent allergies, the fact that people who do not have carpets are prone to 50% allergic reactions similar to carpeted homes, is the case. 

The issue isn’t on the flooring. It is in their care. Professional carpet cleaning has been proved to be extremely efficient in eliminating allergens from carpet fibers. 

Do not neglect the security of beloved ones as well as the surroundings. Opt for green carpet cleaning services now.

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